Participant Recognition: MnDOT

MnDOT Deputy Commissioner attends a Recharge Event

2023 Participant Milestones Spotlight: Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Journey In the spotlight for their remarkable achievements throughout 2023, our participant the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) stands as a model of progress in the area of environmental sustainability. This year, MnDOT has not only expanded its fleet by adding 5-10 electric vehicles (EVs) but also […]

Not Just Cars: Fleets at AltWheels

Clean Fuel Truck at Alt Wheels Event

As more EVs are hitting the roads, businesses are taking notice and capitalizing on their benefits. Fleet and heavy duty vehicle electrification is gaining traction across the country. Businesses are looking to save on fuel and maintenance costs while contributing toward improving air quality and other environmental benefits. Companies across diverse sectors that wish to […]

Not Just Cars: E-bikes, Scooters and RVs

Electrified options are appearing to fulfill just about every transportation need. Whether you’re taking a short trip around the city, hitting the trails by bike, or heading out on a longer vacation, you can find an electric option to take you there.  For those with shorter commutes who want to avoid traffic and city parking, […]

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