2023 Participant Milestones Spotlight: Mass General Brigham Transportation Department

Mass General Brigham Transportation Department, headquartered in the vibrant Greater Boston area, operates with a mission that transcends mere medical care. As our esteemed 2023 participant, they have taken a significant leap towards integrating sustainable practices into their operations. Known for offering complimentary shuttle rides to patients, visitors, and employees across the health system, they cater to an impressive 2.5 million riders each year, ensuring accessibility to crucial healthcare services, educational sites, and other offices.

Recognizing the urgent need for environmental stewardship, especially within the healthcare sector, Mass General Brigham actively engaged in 2023 with diverse initiatives to promote electric vehicles (EVs) and the broader concept of electrification. This included hosting EV test drives, which offered a tangible, hands-on experience for their community. Through these test drives, participants gained a direct understanding of the benefits of EVs, dispelling myths and highlighting the smooth, quiet, and eco-friendly nature of electric transport.

Complementing these hands-on experiences, Mass General Brigham also implemented a series of lunch and learn sessions dedicated to educating about EVs and electrification. By providing this knowledge in an accessible format, they’ve empowered their community to make informed choices about sustainable transportation.

The department’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond EVs, embracing the wider spectrum of electrification. This includes general education efforts around how electrification contributes to reducing carbon emissions and enhancing energy efficiency across different sectors. Through this approach, Mass General Brigham is fostering a culture of sustainability and encouraging its community to explore and embrace cleaner energy solutions.

Mass General Brigham Transportation Department’s emphasis on electrification education marks a pivotal step in the healthcare industry’s movement towards sustainability. Their initiatives demonstrate a deep-seated commitment to not only providing exceptional healthcare services but also leading by example in clean energy initiatives. As we celebrate their achievements, it’s clear that Mass General Brigham is not just facilitating access to medical care; they’re pioneering a future where healthcare and environmental sustainability go hand in hand, paving the way for a healthier planet and a healthier future for all.

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