2023 Participant Milestones Spotlight: Town of Truro

Located in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, the Town of Truro is about two hours outside of Boston. With its inviting beaches and vibrant community spirit, this small town of +2,000 residents is making significant strides for beneficial electrification.

In 2023, with 5.6% of registered vehicles being non-fossil fuel vehicles in Truro, the town made strides in reducing emissions and embracing cleaner transportation options.

Despite its size, Truro is proving that impactful change can come from even the smallest of communities. Through the efforts of its Climate Action Committee, the town is driving forward a future focused on clean energy and cost-saving solutions.

With informative webinars, Truro is empowering its residents with the knowledge and tools to embrace clean transportation options. By investing in EVs and charging infrastructure, the town is not only reducing emissions but also reaping significant savings for its residents.

This year Truro will amplify its commitment to clean energy by installing 3-4 additional charging stations. This expansion builds upon the single station currently available at Town Hall, providing greater accessibility for EV drivers. Furthermore, a local business has just secured funding to install six charging stations, further enhancing the town’s charging network.

As Truro continues on its clean energy journey, it serves as a shining example of how communities can make a tangible difference in shaping a sustainable future. Through innovation and dedication, Truro is leading the charge towards a cleaner, more efficient tomorrow.

Join us as we explore Truro’s inspiring efforts in clean energy and celebrate the benefits it brings to both its residents and the environment. Let’s applaud Truro’s commitment to clean energy and its unwavering dedication to a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

Learn more about their Climate Action Committee. 

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