2023 Participant Milestones Spotlight: The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

In 2023 our participant, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (MassDCR), a state agency within the Commonwealth’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, made considerable progress toward a more sustainable and efficient future. Recognizing the importance of accessibility to charging infrastructure as a cornerstone for the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), MassDCR installed additional EV charging stations across the state. With more than 12 new charging ports added, the initiative not only facilitates a smoother transition for EV users but also positions Massachusetts as a leader in supporting clean transportation solutions.

This expansion of charging infrastructure reflects MassDCR’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. By increasing the number of charging stations, MassDCR is directly contributing to the reduction of range anxiety and is ensuring that Massachusetts’ residents and visitors alike can enjoy the beauty and recreational opportunities the state offers without compromise.

MassDCR’s commitment to a cleaner future doesn’t stop at infrastructure. In 2023, the organization also expanded its vehicle fleet, adding between five to ten EVs. This move not only demonstrates MassDCR’s dedication to reducing emissions and promoting sustainable practices but also sets an example for other organizations and individuals to follow.

Integrating EVs into its fleet allows MassDCR to reduce operational costs, thanks to the lower maintenance and fuel expenses associated with 

EVs. More importantly, it aligns with Massachusetts’ broader goals of sustainability, reducing carbon footprints, and leading by example in the adoption of clean technologies.

The efforts of MassDCR in 2023 mark the beginning of a long-term strategy aimed at embracing renewable energy, EVs and sustainable practices. By investing in EV charging infrastructure and integrating EVs into its fleet, MassDCR is not only contributing to environmental conservation but also paving the way for economic savings and a healthier community.

Learn about their state and federal incentives available to EV drivers by visiting the State and Federal Electric Vehicle Funding Programs site.

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