2023 Participant Milestones Spotlight: Boston University

Bikes and Scooters line up at bike rack

Boston University, a private research institution located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, took notable steps in 2023 to further its commitment to clean transportation and electrification within its community. Home to over 37,000 students from more than 140 countries and supported by over 10,000 faculty and staff, our 2023 participant has made significant investments […]

2023 Participant Milestones Spotlight: Xcel Energy

EV being charged

Our 2023 participant, Xcel Energy, a regulated electric utility and natural gas delivery company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has made remarkable progress in enhancing its electric vehicle (EV) initiatives and infrastructure. Last year, the company significantly boosted its EV infrastructure by installing more than 12 additional EV charging stations, aligning with its efforts to meet […]

2023 Participant Milestones Spotlight: Energy New England

Our 2023 participant, Energy New England (ENE), is the leading wholesale risk management and energy trading organization in the Northeast and has made significant strides in the clean energy and electrification sectors. As a champion of sustainable energy solutions, ENE is not just about managing risks and trading energy; it is paving the way for […]

2023 Participant Milestones Spotlight: UMass Chan Medical School

UMass Chan employees host an EV Test Drive Event

Last year, UMass Chan Medical School took remarkable steps toward sustainability and clean energy, underscoring its commitment to innovation not only in education and healthcare but also in environmental stewardship. Located in Worcester and part of the University of Massachusetts system, UMass Chan stands at the forefront of integrating sustainable practices within its operations. The […]

Not Just Cars: Fleets at AltWheels

Clean Fuel Truck at Alt Wheels Event

As more EVs are hitting the roads, businesses are taking notice and capitalizing on their benefits. Fleet and heavy duty vehicle electrification is gaining traction across the country. Businesses are looking to save on fuel and maintenance costs while contributing toward improving air quality and other environmental benefits. Companies across diverse sectors that wish to […]

Not Just Cars: E-bikes, Scooters and RVs

Electrified options are appearing to fulfill just about every transportation need. Whether you’re taking a short trip around the city, hitting the trails by bike, or heading out on a longer vacation, you can find an electric option to take you there.  For those with shorter commutes who want to avoid traffic and city parking, […]

Not Just Cars: Lawn Equipment

We do a lot of work with EVs with Recharge America, but the world of electrification keeps expanding all the time. We’re doing a series of blog posts to explore some of the non-car ways that electrified equipment can be incorporated into your daily life. The first in this series is below: lawn equipment. How […]

ElectriFUN Faribault: Not Your Average EVent!

Despite threatening weather in the morning, approximately 150 people turned out at Trystar in Faribault, MN, to experience EVs and energy solutions of all kinds! Trystar’s newly-expanded facility manufactures wires, conduit and other electrical components for the mass distribution of electricity. They incorporated a large solar array into the additional space, allowing them to operate […]

Volvo’s New Solutions Ease the Transition to Electric for Trucking Fleets

At Recharge America we like to reflect on the many benefits that accrue when we begin to electrify major areas of the economy. This week we’re celebrating a recent announcement from Volvo that puts those benefits on full display. Volvo has debuted a program to make fleet conversions to electric a smooth transition for their […]

American Lung Association Report Confirms the Health Benefits of EVs

A newly-released report from the American Lung Association (ALA) confirms that switching to electric vehicles (EVs) will have a significant impact on air quality. The finding seems unsurprising at first glance — of course fewer emissions will mean better air quality — but the scale of the improvement and what it means for public health […]

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