2023 Participant Milestones Spotlight: UMass Chan Medical School

Last year, UMass Chan Medical School took remarkable steps toward sustainability and clean energy, underscoring its commitment to innovation not only in education and healthcare but also in environmental stewardship. Located in Worcester and part of the University of Massachusetts system, UMass Chan stands at the forefront of integrating sustainable practices within its operations.

The medical school’s community has embarked on a comprehensive program aimed at reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing recycling efforts, and implementing a suite of measures to minimize its carbon footprint. This approach to sustainability reflects the institution’s dedication to protecting the environment while fostering a culture of responsibility and innovation among its members.

UMass Chan employees host an EV Test Drive Event

A cornerstone of their sustainability efforts was the promotion of electric vehicles (EVs) as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation methods. By organizing EV test drives and educational webinars, UMass Chan is actively engaging its community in discussions about clean transportation. These initiatives not only raise awareness but also demonstrate the practical benefits and feasibility of adopting EVs for personal and professional use.

In a significant move toward sustainable travel, the exploration of an EV fleet pool for departmental use marks a pivotal development in the school’s environmental strategy. This initiative indicates a shift towards more sustainable travel options for faculty and staff, aligning with broader goals of energy efficiency and emission reduction.

Further solidifying its commitment to a greener future, UMass Chan has made impressive progress in expanding its EV infrastructure. With 16 out of 20 planned EV charging spaces already installed and dedicated to fleet use, the school is laying a strong foundation for integrating plug-in hybrid EVs into its vehicle fleet. This expansion not only facilitates the transition to EVs but also underscores the institution’s proactive approach to sustainability.

UMass Chan Medical School’s efforts in promoting sustainability and clean transportation are commendable. Their work serves as an inspiring example of how educational institutions can play a critical role in advancing environmental sustainability and clean energy solutions.

Explore more about UMass Chan Medical School’s sustainability efforts and transportation options at their Office of Sustainability page.

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