2023 Participant Milestones Spotlight: Connexus Energy

We’re thrilled to showcase the strides Connexus Energy has made in 2023. Based in Ramsey, Minnesota, Connexus Energy, the state’s largest electric cooperative, is committed not only to delivering electricity but also to leading sustainable energy practices and the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).

This past year, Connexus Energy has been at the forefront of sustainability, notably enhancing its fleet with the addition of up to four EVs. This effort underscores their commitment to minimizing environmental impact and leading by example in the transition to cleaner transportation methods. Furthermore, the expansion of their EV charging infrastructure through the addition of more charging stations represents a significant leap towards facilitating broader EV adoption within the community.

EV being charged

Education and community engagement are pivotal to the success of sustainable initiatives. Recognizing this, Connexus Energy launched workforce training programs and hosted EV showcases. These events serve not only to educate the community about the benefits of clean energy but also to demonstrate the practicality and advantages of EVs.


A highlight of their achievements includes the implementation of a commercial/fleet EV rate tariff, approved by their board. This initiative, along with the plan to incorporate 150 EV delivery vans at a new Amazon facility, exemplifies the Cooperative’s dedication to integrating clean energy solutions into every facet of its operations.

Looking ahead, Connexus Energy is not slowing down. The Cooperative plans to build a 10MW solar garden with battery backup and install 2.5MW batteries at a substation to provide additional power during peak demand times. These projects are not just significant for Connexus Energy but mark a pioneering venture within Minnesota, showcasing the Cooperative’s leadership in renewable energy and sustainability.

For more insights visit their Clean Energy & EVs page.

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