2023 Participant Milestones: MnDOT

2023 Participant Milestones Spotlight: Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Journey
In the spotlight for their remarkable achievements throughout 2023, our participant the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) stands as a model of progress in the area of environmental sustainability. This year, MnDOT has not only expanded its fleet by adding 5-10 electric vehicles (EVs) but also led several educational initiatives to bolster EV adoption across the state. Through engaging events like EV Test Drives, Lunch & Learns, and informative Webinars, MnDOT has showcased an unwavering commitment to advancing green technology and fostering a sense of community involvement.
The journey towards a greener Minnesota reached an important moment with MnDOT’s proactive step to issue a request for proposals aimed at third parties interested in building and operating 18 Direct Current (DC) Fast Charging stations. Strategically placed along two Alternative Fuel Corridors, these stations are set to change the EV charging landscape, making electric vehicle travel more accessible and convenient for everyone.
MnDOT’s achievements are not just about enhancing infrastructure but also about laying the foundation for a sustainable future. Their efforts in educating the workforce and assessing the state’s EV infrastructure have positioned Minnesota as a leader in the nationwide push towards environmental sustainability.
MnDOT Deputy Commissioner attends a Recharge Event
Deputy Commissioner Jean Wallace attends the Recharge Faribault event in September 2023
As MnDOT looks ahead to 2024, their dedication to expanding Minnesota’s EV charging network and promoting green initiatives continues to inspire. For those interested in learning more about MnDOT’s practical approach to EV planning and their ongoing projects, a wealth of information is available at their sustainability and electric vehicles page. This journey underscores the importance of innovation, education, and community engagement in achieving a sustainable future, setting a standard for other states to follow in the quest for environmental stewardship.
Recharge America is pleased to count the MnDOT among its participants. MnDOT’s efforts align perfectly with our mission to accelerate the adoption of EVs across the United States, demonstrating the impactful change that committed organizations can achieve within their communities and beyond.


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