Not Just Cars: Fleets at AltWheels

As more EVs are hitting the roads, businesses are taking notice and capitalizing on their benefits. Fleet and heavy duty vehicle electrification is gaining traction across the country. Businesses are looking to save on fuel and maintenance costs while contributing toward improving air quality and other environmental benefits. Companies across diverse sectors that wish to decrease their carbon footprints— including delivery services, sales and corporate vehicles, transportation providers and public entities like municipalities and school districts—have begun embracing fleet and heavy duty EVs. 

Of course some of the benefits of converting to electric fleets not only include the cost savings, but also include tax incentives and grants, improved energy efficiency and noise reduction. Additionally, customers and employees value companies that commit to sustainability and that foster social responsibility, and EVs can become important recruiting tools that aid in retention once environmentally conscious employees are hired.

In October, Recharge America participated in AltWheels, an annual fleet conference with hundreds of attendees. Last year marked the 20th anniversary of the event, which is held in Brookline, Massachusetts, and featured panel discussions and dozens of exhibitors showcasing vehicle and fuel technologies. Seminars focused on educating passengers and fleet consumers on best practices, showcasing real fleet choices that exist in the marketplace and promoting the choices responsible companies and municipalities are making to improve the health and air quality of their communities.

Recharge was proud to provide EV test drives and ride alongs for attendees including several examples of fleet vehicles including box trucks, an electric school bus, and a transit bus among others, and we’re excited to participate in AltWheels when it returns on October 7, 2024!  


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