Not Just Cars: E-bikes, Scooters and RVs

Electrified options are appearing to fulfill just about every transportation need. Whether you’re taking a short trip around the city, hitting the trails by bike, or heading out on a longer vacation, you can find an electric option to take you there. 

For those with shorter commutes who want to avoid traffic and city parking, e-bikes might fit the bill. E-bikes offer flexibility in commute times for those who don’t want to be tied down to a bus schedule. Pedal assist helps users cruise home after a long day. Easy to charge, e-bikes also have ample range to address most tasks and are an incredibly efficient way to move around town.

E-scooters are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and easily accessible. While e-bikes can be more costly for potential owners, e-scooters might be an affordable option for those looking to take shorter trips around the city. They’re easy to fold and usually lighter than e-bikes. In locations, a range of apps make public scooters easy to rent for a nominal fee. The Bike-Sharing Service Market 2023 Report concludes that bike-sharing is on the rise in the United States.

We’re also very excited for the coming era of electric RVs! Models from familiar companies like Volkswagen, Mercedes and Winnebago are on the horizon. Recharge will be spotlighting these vehicles as they are introduced!!

More ways of electrified transportation are coming, so no matter your needs, there’s an electric solution!

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