In 2019, the Town of Truro Climate Action Committee was established to investigate, study, and make climate recommendations to the Town of Truro’s Select Board. The Climate Action Committee includes five (5) citizen members and provides progress reports to the Board. The committee’s primary focus includes understanding the carbon footprint of residents and businesses and developing methods for minimizing the footprint and vulnerabilities to the consequences of climate change.

The Climate Action Committee is also focused on Town’s Commitment to the U.S. Mayors’ Cities Climate Protection Agreement, which includes preparing a baseline study of the Town of Truro’s greenhouse gas emissions, conducting public education and outreach to the community, and drafting a community-wide climate action plan for Truro. In order to achieve these goals, the Climate Action Committee is focused on creating partnerships within the wider community and maintains communications with county and state commissions, the Truro Energy Committee, as well as other Climate Committees in Barnstable County.

One of the Climate Action Committee’s goals this year is to promote electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for local businesses, as well as educate residents on EV options. As a seasonal community, the Town of Truro experiences a significant increase in traffic volume during busy seasons and wants to be prepared for the influx of EVs in the next 3-5 years. To address the need for charging stations, the committee is actively working to develop relationships with EV experts in the area to build an EV program in Truro.

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