Milford Nissan is a family-owned and operated automotive dealership located in Milford, Massachusetts near Route 495. Pioneering a highly informed, consultative approach to electric vehicle (EVs) sales, leasing, and EV Service a decade ago, Milford Nissan has provided over 370 new and pre-owned EVs to the public and has been ranked in Nissan USA’s top tier of EV dealers for years.

The dealership also stocks all other EV brands as pre-owned when available. The public has easy access 24 / 7 to their DC quick charge CCS, CHAdeMO and Level 2 charging stations located at the very front of their building.

Educating employees and stakeholders regarding the benefits of driving electric is a large part of Milford Nissan’s initiatives. Guy Bedau, Fleet Sales Manager & EV Ambassador, recently celebrated his 10th anniversary and has participated in multiple EV outreach events and programs to help educate the public.

With the eagerly anticipated Ariya SUV coming this fall and two more EV models by 2025, Milford Nissan has established the expertise and experience required to provide the top-quality EV consumer experience folks deserve.

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