Based in Waltham, MA, Ivys Energy Solutions is a leading provider of smart infrastructure solutions for fleet electrification. Ivys’ mission is to “enable sustainable mobility solutions for fleets.” As the transportation sector transitions to zero or low emissions, spanning a range of vehicle classes and powertrains, low-carbon to zero-carbon fuels, and customer use, Ivys believes that fleets are ideally suited for the adoption of these new solutions. The company brings together a team with decades of experience and expertise in developing and deploying innovative products and services to enable this migration towards clean transportation.
To meet the diverse needs of its customers, Ivys, already a provider of hydrogen refueling station and dispensing solutions has recently expanded its e-mobility infrastructure portfolio to include DC Fast Charging (DCFC). Ivys has partnered with San Diego-based company, Rhombus Energy Solutions, to promote the first bi-directional charger with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) connectivity for EV fleets across North America.
Ivys actively promotes the use of both hydrogen refueling and battery charging technologies based on the optimum environmental and operational benefits to the customer. Especially as medium and heavy-duty fleets transition to zero-emission vehicles, Ivys believes it is critical to supply both charging and hydrogen dispensing infrastructure solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers’ operations. The addition of DC fast chargers to the portfolio enables Ivys to be one of the few companies that can truly address this need.
City transits are a great example of a fleet that often requires a mix of both hydrogen and battery-electric solutions to serve a wide array of ridership needs. Ivys is uniquely positioned to provide a broad range of equipment for transit agencies to cost-effectively implement their zero-emission transition plans from start to finish.
Ivys currently operates its own hydrogen fueling station and set of EV fleet vehicles at its offices located in Somerville, MA, with plans to increase that number within the next few years. Moving forward, Ivys is looking to engage even more proactively with local organizations and communities to ensure that their e-mobility products are deployed with equity as its centerpiece.

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