Good2Go, LLC operates a community-based, income-tiered, electric vehicle carsharing program in Massachusetts. The program allows their members to rent an electric vehicle (EV) on a short-term basis and includes car rental, vehicle insurance and no-cost charging. Good2Go provides individuals of all income levels access to convenient and clean transportation, without the upfront and ongoing costs of car ownership. The carsharing program reduces greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, traffic congestion, and parking needs while introducing electric vehicle technology to environmental justice communities.  Members use vehicles for bulk shopping, doctor’s appointments, family outings, and going just about anywhere that public transit does not serve.

To qualify as a member at Good2Go, you must have a valid driver’s license, be older than 21, and have a clean driving record to have their membership approved. New members attend a 15-minute orientation to ensure they feel comfortable operating the car and understand program requirements. Reserving a vehicle is easy and vehicles can be booked with a smart phone through the Good2Go app. Rates are $10/hour for standard membership and $5/hour for members that are on any state or federal income assistance program (documentation required). More information is available at

Good2Go is a collaboration with the, E4TheFuture, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Eversource, and the City of Boston. The program regularly attends in-person and virtual events updated regularly on the Good2Go website.

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