Global Lease Group is a fleet management and leasing company headquartered in Lexington, MA and specializing in business, non-profit, and governmental fleets located throughout the northeast U.S. Global Lease Group tailors its fleet programs to meet its customers’ needs, and has many customers located in Massachusetts.

The organization has a strong focus on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to fleet electrification by initiating conversations early on regarding the many benefits of electric vehicles (EVs). Global Lease Group aims to be at the forefront of EV adoption for the communities they operate in. Currently, customers lease between five and 500 vehicles from the organization, and are adding EVs to their fleet at a growing pace. These numbers will continue to accelerate as additional EVs are released into the market.

Most of Global Lease Group’s customers do not have an on-staff EV expert. Therefore, EV education is considered a significant objective to the organization, ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible for customers. To do this, Global Lease Group provides “EV experts” within the organization who work directly with customers to walk them through the car leasing process, optimize the selection of EV solutions, and answer any questions they may have about EVs.

To someone new to the EV industry, solidifying charging vendors can be a confusing process. Global Lease Group utilizes a ‘turnkey approach’ to ensure customers are set up for success by offering recommendations for services, saving customers time and money. Global Lease Group also offers guidance and education about fleet incentives and discounts, and the complex array of EV and EV infrastructure tax credits and incentives. The organization makes sure to have updated and accurate information to meet customers wherever they are in their EV journey.

Our intent is to be a guiding resource for our customers and educate them within the EV realm,” says Ben Rosenbloom, President of Global Lease Group. “Global Lease Group has created reliable partnerships with valuable resources at their fingertips to make sure the transition is seamless.

Looking forward in 2022, Global Lease Group will be targeting increased deliveries of EVs. The organization wants to continue to expand vendor partnerships to include additional trusted suppliers of EVs and EV charging solutions, and hopes to expand the number of fleet customers they partner with to move forward with fleet electrification.

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