Grounded in Minnesota, EvoCharge is an electric vehicle (EV) charging station company to make charging easy, safe, reliable, and cost-effective. The organization offers fast charging for all battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) now sold throughout North America by providing Open Charge Point Protocol EV Supply Equipment charging stations and cable management solutions for home and commercial use.

Residential customers can choose from two different EvoCharge Stations, the standard EVSE electric car home charging station and the iEVSE Home. Commercial customers are paired with an EvoCharge contractor to be set up for personalized purchasing options. This allows customers to ensure that their charging solution is tailored to their needs. The EvoCharge stations may also be eligible for utility discounts, rebates, and state or federal tax credits.

The company provides various educational opportunities for its customers through its website knowledge center. This provides customers with a better understanding of the many benefits of an EV, different associated costs, charging information and installation, and more. Through their website, individuals can also learn through their Home Solutions FAQ, Commercial Solutions FAQ, and Product Document pages. They can also gain more information through their customer service representatives.

Looking forward, EvoCharge wants to continue to promote electric vehicles and their various charging station solutions.

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