Sustainability is a large part of the mission at Brandeis University, and encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is helping the university reach its goals.

Brandeis University was an early EV adopter, installing its first three dual Level 2 charging stations in 2008. With grant money funded by the Volkswagen settlement, Brandeis installed an additional seven public charging stations in 2018, bringing their total number of charging ports to 20. Brandeis added additional electrical capacity as well to ease the way for future EV infrastructure expansion.

In May of 2021, Brandeis committed to purchase only electric vehicles for its campus fleet going forward, unless an electric vehicle of the needed type is unavailable. They also committed to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure on campus as necessary to support these vehicles.

Currently, Brandeis is reviewing procurement plans for campus vehicles and identifying what needs to be renewed, leased, and owned to determine which vehicles will be suitable for the transition to electrification.

Brandeis is looking to expand public charging infrastructure and looks forward to hosting education events when appropriate.

“Expanding our EV parking has influenced many many faculty and staff to purchase EVs or plug-in hybrids.”

– Mary Fischer, Associate Director of Brandeis Sustainability Programs

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