Inovis Energy, based in Rockland, Massachusetts, provides energy efficiency and electric vehicle (EV) charging station solutions in the Commonwealth, and currently serves many industries such as healthcare, education, retail, municipal, grocery, airport, and casinos. With a vision to reduce CO2 emissions and cut energy costs, Inovis focuses on implementing cost-effective sustainable solutions in an innovative way by meeting each customer’s specific needs.

In order to keep the customer’s goal in mind, Inovis Energy remains manufacturer-agnostic, and is working to secure various alternative funding sources for entities that lack capital for EVSE, including third-party investors and financiers. Inovis also offers its customers a charging-as-a-service plan, which completely covers the upfront costs of the charging station installation, and provides a repayment plan over time that fits your monthly budget.

The solutions-based company also prioritizes customer outreach and education. Inovis Energy is a lead Charging Station Installer (CSI) for National Grid and has spoken at various events and webinars. Inovis also participates in Zoom calls each week to help teach prospects about the levels of charging and the importance of EV infrastructure.

Looking forward, Inovis Energy wants to continue to be a leading charging station installer and a resource for customers looking to install charging infrastructure, and will continue to educate prospects about the benefits of going electric.

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