US EV Battery Plants Spark New Era of E-Mobility

The United States is witnessing a surge in EV battery plant developments, marking a new era in e-mobility. These plants are set to play a crucial role in the production and advancement of EVs, driving innovation and supporting the nation’s transition to sustainable transportation. Read the full article here.

North Dakota to Add EV Charging Stations Along Interstate Highways

Exciting news for EV owners! North Dakota is set to install new EV charging stations along its interstate highways, significantly enhancing the state’s EV infrastructure. This initiative aims to support the growing number of EVs and promote sustainable transportation options across the region. Read the full article here.

Is EV Charging Cheaper than Gasoline? CNET Does the Math

CNET has conducted an in-depth analysis to compare the costs of EV charging versus gasoline. The results reveal which option is more economical for consumers. If you’re considering switching to an EV, this article provides valuable insights into the financial benefits of EV ownership. Read the full article here.

Utilities Recognized for Excellence with Chartwell’s 2024 Best Practices Awards

Chartwell Inc. has honored leading utilities for their exceptional achievements in customer service, innovation, and operational excellence with the 2024 Best Practices Awards. These awards highlight the utilities’ commitment to excellence and their contributions to advancing the energy industry. Read the full article here.

How Fast Is the EV Charging Network Growing?

The EV charging network is growing rapidly, with the number of chargers increasing by 7% in just the last three months. This expansion is being driven by private investment from companies like Tesla as well as government funding. Read the full article here.

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