Recognition Campaigns

Recharge America Works with Local Community Campaigns To:

Conduct statewide and community-wide recognition campaigns for leaders in EV adoption.

Support program participants in developing and updating annual pledges on EV adoption activities and reporting back on their progress.

Provide technical assistance to participants in implementing their plans.

Deliver incentive programs linked to participation in the recognition effort.

Encourage workforce pipeline activities and internships as a component of recognition activities.

Spotlight best practices that emerge from participant experiences.

Recognition Campaign Participants Can Include:


Corporate leaders large and small


Individuals committed to fostering EV acceleration


Entities make pledges and recruit others


Colleges, universities and technical schools

Recognition Campaign Spotlight: MassEVolves

Leading the Charge in Zero Emission Vehicle Adoption

MassEVolves is a partnership between Recharge America and the state of Massachusetts to increase zero emission vehicle (ZEV) adoption across the state by recognizing participants for their work in supporting the use of ZEVs for their operations, employees, and communities.

MassEVolves is the first recognition campaign created by Recharge America and launched in 2018. The third annual MassEVolves recognition ceremony was held on November 18, 2020 honoring new and renewing program participants.

In its first year, MassEVolves started with 7 participants, and has over 20 participants to date. Participants include corporations, local businesses, universities, and utilities. The program is actively recruiting participants for its fourth year.

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